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My New Doo by bluewolfpups
My New Doo
It's a bit dark to see, but my bangs are blue-ish green. My sister dyed my bangs blue, but where I had to bleach, the part I wanted dyed since my hair is so dark. It turned blue-ish green. Later on when my sister gets more blue dye I'll dye it again and it'll be blue next time. Jensen Ackles Icon 
Matt Smith by bluewolfpups
Matt Smith
Name: Matt Smith

Age:  30

Height: 6'ft

Hometown: Casper, Wyoming

Quote: "Third times, the charm."

Stronghold: Dollar Tree

Theme Song: It's Not Over- Daughtry

Teammate: N/A

Vehicle: A orange Motorcycle

Eyes: Green

Hair: Spiky blonde hair

Clothes: A motorcycle helmet and gloves, a red
zip-up jacket, a grey t-shirt with sunglasses,
wore-out jeans with a belt, black socks, and brown
hiking boots

Inventory: Bullets, keys to the motorcycle, a flashlight,
Beefy Jerky, a knife, and a lighter.

Weapon: Primary- Fire Axe Sidearm- Handgun
Melee- Machete

Bio:  Matt was only a 28 years old, Junior in the University of Wyoming, when the out break started. He was up late, studying for a English test, when he got a call from one of his friends, about the out-break. Matt heard his friend get killed by one of the undead. So he called, his girlfriend, Ashley Hanson. She was still alive with a few of her friends in the girl's dorm, he had told her to stay put. Matt grabbed a few things and headed over.  

After Matt had just arrive, the undead had gotten in somehow, killing Ashley's friends. Matt and Ashley got out and met up with some of the survivors left on campus. They took shelter in a gun shop, when they realise, Ashley was bit. Matt was destroyed, when Ashley died later that night in he's arms. He and the other's left, the building, the morning after.

Four months later, Matt is the only survivor of Uni of Wyoming. He is currently held up in a Dollar Tree, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Here's Matt Smith. I wanted to make a male Oc for TWD and the name Matt Smith has been in my mind for a few days now. Idk 

*If you can spot a reference in here.  Maybe  You'll get a cookie. Wink and Dimples 

Character Sheet (c) :iconulurnaga:
Matt Smith (c) Mine
TWD (c) Robert Kirkman
 I just got back from a birthday party and I'm tired. Lol So I won't be doing anything until tomorrow if my day isn't busy lol I feel bad that I haven't gotten around to do the breedables or anything else cause my life as been busy since my cousin moved in. Her, now, four year and 9 month old keep me busy lol but I won't change it. Well that's all so bye.


bluewolfpups's Profile Picture
United States
I'm 22...I'm a huge tomboy that loves to do anything once...depending what it is though...I like to read and write stories plus when I'm really really in the mood I favorite animal is a wolf and a white favorite kind of music is country

Cousin: :icontadpole1991:
My breedable account: :iconbluewolf-breedables:
My Step-Sister: :iconpandalover8888:

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