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 Today was one of those days that everything went wrong. It first started when your breakfast caught on fire by a crossed electrical wire then you stubbed your toe as you were walking into the Library. The latest thing, that happen to you was the worst.

You were simply, making a pizza when it happen.

 The timer goes off, signaling that the pizza was done. Humming, you grabbed the oven mitt. Opening the oven door, the heat, trapped inside, rushed past you, escaping to freedom. You grinned as your mouth, started to water. 

 Trying to balance the hot pan as you struggled with the oven door, didn't work out to well. Dropping the pan, with your's, Dean's, and Sam's dinner on it to the floor. You caught the pizza with your hands. The mitt covered hand was fine, but the other one wasn't. 

As soon as, the pizza sauce touched your skin, it burnt the hell out of your hand.

 Screaming in pain, you dropped the pizza and ran to the sink quickly. Shaking off the mitt, you turned on the cold water. Your skin felt as if it was on fire. Hissing, as the cold water washed off the sauce and the pain.

 You blew your (h/c) out of your eyes as two set of feet, came running towards the kitchen.

"What the HELL is going on?!" Dean growled, looking around with gun drawn. 

Sam noticed the pizza and pan on the floor, "What happen?"

You hissed at the brothers, "I dropped the damn pizza. I tried to catch it like an idiot. So I ended up burning the hell out of my (dominant hand). That's what fucking happen!"

"Here. Let me see." Sam said as he walked over to you, dodging the pizza mess on the floor.

Carefully taking your (dominant hand), Sam whistled, "Damn, (y/n)."

Rolling your (e/c) eyes as a tear escaped, "No shit."


After cleaning up the mess. Dean and Sam went to get dinner, leaving you alone in the Bunker. You had wrapped your (dominant hand) with aloe. Now, you were watching (f/tvshow) when you hear a pair of wings behind you.

"Hello (y/n)." Castiel said as he walked beside you and sat down. 

You paused what you were watching and smiled at the angel you've known for years, "Hi, Cas."

 Castiel stared at your wrapped hand. "You're in pain. What happen?" He looked at your face.

 You saw the pain in the sweet Angel's blue eyes. You said shrugging, "I was making pizza and like an idjit. I caught it with my bare hand." 

Castiel was in deep thought then started unwrapping your hand. You were about to say something, but hissed as the cool air hit your burn. It had started to blister. Placing a hand on it, Castiel began to heal the burn. Soon he let go of your hand.
You smiled at him and then looked at your newly healed hand, "Thank you."

Castiel smiled, "You're very welcome."

You felt your cheeks heat up as he cupped your face, gently, before he disappeared. Not seconds later, you looked down as you felt something on your lap. There sat on your lap was a single black feather.

Smiling as you picked it up and ran your fingers through it, knowing it was one of Castiel's feathers, which only meant he loves and trusts you. Grinning, you pressed play on your show and thought of a way tell him, that you felt the same way.

Even though, it started out as a bad day. It ended in a good way.
Castiel X Reader: Bad Start
Fun fact: This is based on a true story that happen to me the other night.

I don't own the Supernatural or Castiel.

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  You knew if your father caught you sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night with Dean Winchester, you would be murdered. Yet, that didn't stop you on bit. 
                                              We drove right past
                                           That no trespassing sign
                                             We sat on the tailgate
                                       And watched the planes take off

  Dean drove past the NO TRESPASSING sing. You had the hugest grin on your face. Dean looked over, smirking. 

"Come on." Dean said parking the Impala as he got out.

You followed after him. He sat on the hood as you shut your door. He helped you up. Making sure you wouldn't slide off, you leaned against his shoulder as you looked up at the sky to watch the stars.

   We thought we had all night
There was no need to rush
That's when those cops
Came pulling up
And I thought
Man, ain't this some shhhh

 It was peaceful. No chaos about the latest Supernatural attack. Just you and Dean. Making a memory to reminisce about years to come. That is, until you two got caught.

 The sirens went off, causing you and Dean to jump out of your skins. You and Dean hopped off the Impala as two Deputies came up towards you two.

"Shit." Dean muttered.

Your daddy's gonna kill me
But if I survive tonight
I wouldn't change one thing
Baby, yeah
I know it sounds crazy

 Dean frowned in thought, "Bobby is going to kill me."

But there was somethin bout the way
The blue lights were shinin
Bringing out the freedom in your eyes
I was too busy watching you
Going wild child
To be worried about going to jail

  Dean looked over to look at you. He was in awe at the way the blue lights made your (e/c) eyes looked. He could just see the freedom that you long for in your (e/c) eyes.

You were thinking that
Running for it
Would make a good story
I was thinking you were crazy as hell

You leaned over closer to Dean, "Maybe we should run for it?" 

Dean blinked, "What? No."

Shrugging you said, "It'll make a good story to tell Daddy."

"That's crazy! Look. Bobby is already going to kill me. Running would only make it worst." Dean replied as he shook his head.

And you were so
But you were stealing my heart
I fell in love in the back of a cop car
You looked at Dean with innocent eyes, "He'll kill me too, Dean."

 Dean swallow nervously, as he looked into your eyes. He felt his heart skip a beat as you said his name.

Man, they weren't playin
They sure threw those cuffs on quick
You tried to sweet talk 'em
They didn't fall for it
But I did

 The Deputies handcuffed you and Dean roughly. "Hey! Watch it!" Dean growled at the cop.

He heard you say, "Come on, Deputy Walsh. There's no reason to lock us up, is there? We didn't do anything wrong. Can't you over look this whole thing? I'll have Miss. Greene bake her famous cookies?"

Deputy Walsh shook his head, "I don't think so Singer."

Dean smirked at you. He almost believed you.

You were on the left
I was on the right
I knew you didn't smoke
When you asked him for a light
And I laughed
He got mad and slammed the door

  Getting thrown into the cruiser, you were on the left and Dean was on the right. Dean raised an eyebrow at you when you asked, "Walsh. Can I have a light? Please?"
  Walsh frowned and slammed the door of the cruiser, as Dean laughed so hard tears ran down his cheeks. 

Side by side
And locked in tight
They were taking their time
But we didn't mind

"Hell of a first date, huh?" You asked Dean as you turned to look at him.

Dean nods, "Damn straight."

 You smiled and scooted closer to him. "If we survive the wrath of my father. I'll be happy to go on a second date." Dean smiled as he looked deeply into your (e/c) eyes.

"Good." He replied, leaning closer to you. Even though, he couldn't cup your face with his hand. He still planned on kissing the hell out of you. He leaned his forehead against your's, just before he kissed you passionately.

We talked
And we laughed
We sat real close
By the time they let us go
I was already gone

  It was hours later, when they finally let you and Dean go free. Dean thinks it's because you and him were getting annoying to the cops as you sat in the jail cell together. Doing nothing, but telling stories and laughing, loudly.

  Dean had to pay a $100 fine for the Impala before he drove you home. You had fell asleep in the passenger seat, you sleeping peacefully. Dean looked over at you for a few seconds and smiled.

  It was only been the first date. Yet, he knew he already gone. He couldn't wait for the next date.

 That is, if Bobby doesn't kill him for getting his daughter in trouble with the law. And you for sneaking out in the first place. 
Dean X Reader: Cop Car
The first time I heard this song.…

My first thought was Dean. I could SO see this happening to him on a date.
Let's see how many people spot the references, shall we?

I don't own Supernatural.
I don't own Dean Winchester.

You're own by Jensen smile 
 I just got back from a birthday party and I'm tired. Lol So I won't be doing anything until tomorrow if my day isn't busy lol I feel bad that I haven't gotten around to do the breedables or anything else cause my life as been busy since my cousin moved in. Her, now, four year and 9 month old keep me busy lol but I won't change it. Well that's all so bye.


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